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Trail Mixed Shrooms by 5th Dimensions

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Would you like to go on a spiritual awakening and find yourself? What better way to do that than trail mixed  magical mushrooms! We combined the extraordinary magical mushrooms with finger licking good trail mixed sprinkled with a little bit of love for you to personally enjoy. *3g Per bag


1 review for Trail Mixed Shrooms by 5th Dimensions

  1. J

    At first, I thought they were a dud and did not work. After about 2 hours or so it hit me like a truck. I ate the whole bag not knowing how much I should take being that it did not say how many grams were in one bag. Overall I had a great trip worth the 25$ (was on sale when I bought them), the nuts and dehydrated fruit masked the gross shroom flavour very well. 10/10 would recommend also would love to try to others that are offered.

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