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Black Widow by Express Cannabis Delivery

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Originally created by legendary breeder Shantibaba when he was co-owner of Green House Seeds, Black Widow was then known as White Widow. When Shantibaba left GHS and found Mr. Nice Seeds, he took the original Brazilian sativa mother and South Indian indica-dominant hybrid father with him to recreate his world renowned White Widow seeds. Because GHS and others were selling seeds with the name White Widow, he changed the name to Black Widow to create a distinction between them. Black Widow is now considered by many to be the only “true” White Widow available in seed form, as Mr. Nice is the lone seed breeder to possess the original parental genetics.

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1 review for Black Widow by Express Cannabis Delivery

  1. Laurie White

    Absolutely amazing strain from ECD. If you are a fan of widow strains u will love their black widow. Nice big tight dense buds. Has a very mild scent of citrus hidden amongst that strong pungent herb smell. The taste is unreal. Very smooth and you can taste that classic widow taste that i find very distinct but can not figure out a word for it. But trust me you will definitely not be disappointed in this strain. Personally I find this strain to have a wicked body buzz that will lock u to whatever ur butt hits first and the head buzz is great for easing anxiety and stress levels along with increasing appetite and alleviating nausea and helps dull the pain from fibromyalgia.

    Thanks for this Awesome strain guys I will definitely be ordering this again in the future

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